Seeking Freemasonry

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John Staples – Seeking Freemasonry; Academia & the Ancient Craft

FREEMASONRY'S CONNECTION to the academic world is a unique story

and one that continues to inspire. When students and professors at Oxford

formed a lodge in 1819, they sparked a movement that has spread to more

than a hundred universities, including Cambridge, Toronto, Harvard, Texas,

and UCLA. Seeking Freemasonry: Academia and the Ancient Craft

describes this remarkable evolution, and covers related topics such as

libraries and museums, research lodges, and scholastic conferences. It

offers a vital account of how Masonry is thriving in our time.


JOHN STAPLES served for 20 years as the editor of Mariner magazine,

published by the Maine Maritime Academy. He has been honored

for his work as a writer and editor by Freedoms Foundation at

Valley Forge, the Navy League, and the Council for the Advancement

and Support of Education. A Boston University graduate and a

U.S. Marine Corps veteran, he is a fourth generation Freemason and a

permanent member of the Grand Lodge of New Hampshire.

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