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The Craft and Its Symbols by Allen E Roberts

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Resembling the Lambskin Apron, The Craft and Its Symbols is one of the most popular Masonic books published. Brother Allen Roberts assembles the many symbols of the Blue Lodge and organizes them into sections which follow a new members path to Master Mason. Containing 81 illustrations, the reader will find this book an "easy read" and a great introduction. In contrast to some Masonic authors discussing the esoteric nature of Masonry and dive into the ancient origins of the lessons, the descriptions found here are made in plain language and is presented in a format where the older mason in addition to the new members can learn. A Macoy Published Book ISBN 9780880530583. This book is bound to resemble a Lambskin Apron.

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 11 reviews )

Basic Primer

Review by Al Conetto on 10/29/2022

This book is a terrific primer for the new Entered Apprentice. I think it should be given to every EA upon receiving his 1st degree.

Foundational Knowledge: A Must Have

Review by Byron on 1/9/2021

I have been a Freemason for many years. I found and bought this book after my raising in 2004. Since then for each class of newly raised freemasons in my lodge, I have bought this book to start their Masonic home library. It is one of the best primers in Freemasonry I have read. Moreover, it is a good book for non-masons or loved ones of masons who wish to better understand The Craft.


Review by Walter on 10/18/2017

Best deals around on Masonic books. Widest selection and great pricing. Keep reading and learning.


Review by Donald on 9/29/2017

I have made several orders through Macoy and I have received every item, as described, in a quick manner.


Review by Tamara on 9/22/2017

All my orders...... were always timely and correct. The prices are also the best with quality.

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