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Foreign Countries - Passport Knowledge by Carl H. Claudy

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Directed primarily to the Freemason who is just beginning his labors in the Craft, but, we dare say, that both young and old will find new meanings and gain a better vision and understanding of the various ceremonies and symbols of Freemasonry after reading Brother Claudy's interpretations. To one who has wandered in the lands of symbolism and wished for a guide, to the new Freemason who found little meaning, if any, at the time he was a part of the ceremonies, this book will open vistas never dreamed of and, it is hoped, will give inspiration for a new way of life.30 Enlightening Chapters. A new and different type of Masonic education--a book to enjoy. Cloth, 160 pages.ISBN 9780880530392 Carl H Claudy left a rich legacy to his Masonic brethren with his writings on the Craft which was so dear to his heart. Among such writings , "Foreign Countries", must be classed as one of his finest Masonic work. Freemasons of all kinds will find this book to open new vistas never dreamed off. A Macoy Published Book