Masonic Symbols - The Square & Compasses

By Allen Roberts

One of these symbols, with which you are familiar, is the interlaced Square and Compasses-the "symbol of Freemasonry." This has been recognized and accepted as the Masonic emblem from the beginning of the 18th Century at least. The United States Patent Office took note of this in 1873. It told a flour manufacturer, and the world: "This device, so commonly worn and employed by Masons, has an estab­lished mystic significance, universally recognized as existing, whether comprehended by all or not, is not material to this issue. In view of the magnitude of the Masonic organization, it is impossible to divest its symbols, or at least this particular symbol-perhaps the best known of all-of its ordinary significance, wherever displayed." The manufac­turer was denied the use of the Square and Compasses as a trade-mark.

It was about this time that some unknown "inventor" added a letter "G" in the center of the Square and Compasses. To many American Masons the emblem is not complete without this letter. This is not so in other countries, however. In other languages God does not  start with the letter "G"; neither does Geometry.
This is but one of dozens of symbols that Freemasonry employs to imprint on the mind "wise and serious truths." 

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