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Master's Book of Short Speeches Second Edition

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The ability to give a speech by "shooting from the hip" in front of a large group
of people is a talent not shared by all.Yet, in any number of circumstances, the Worshipful Master finds himself in situations where a few well-spoken words
are needed with no time to prepare remarks! If you are one of many Masons
who is uncomfortable speaking off the cuff: this book is for you. The Master's Book of Short Speeches answers the call of many a tongue-tied Worshipful
Master and is a ready reference for any man seated in the Oriental Chair.

"Kudos to Macoy for their modernization and republication of
this eminently useful volume. Today's Mason need not be filled with trepidation about what to say from the East. Glance regularly at this entertaining book, and you'll never be caught without words. How many more smiles might there be in lodges
if the Master's Book were kept next to the Oriental Chair!"-Robert Wolfarth, PGM Grand Lodge of Utah F.& A.M

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