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Freemasonry in the Transatlantic World

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Fourteen papers, presentations and discussions covering the arrivals and developments of Freemasonry in the New World and Caribbean Islands English, Scottish, Irish and French influences

Papers Include 

The Conflicted Image of Eighteenth-Century English Freemasonry  Paul Monod

The American Peacemakers:

An Introduction to a French Colonial Masonic Order   Neil Wynes Morse

Lovelace Overton: A Bajans Transatlantic Experience of Freemasonry  Susan Snell

Swedish Freemasonry on St Barthélemy around 1800:

The Complex History of Transatlantic Fraternalism   Andreas Onnerfors

Revival of the Grand Lodge: Provincial Expansion   Mark C. Wallace

An Enlightened Exercise of the Right of Suffrage:

A Prosopographical Study of the 1831 Anti-Masonic Party Delegates   Jeffrey Croteau

Francophone Lodges in Baltimore 17941822

Masonic Continuity Overcoming Adversity  Jeffrey R. Kaplan

William Hurricane Gilbert and the Wilder Shores of Freemasonry  Marsha Keith Schuchard

The Ends of theMasonic Atlantic: Three Lodges that

Connected Masonry from Canada to the Caribbean to Cape Town   Hans Schwartz

The Multifaceted Freemasons of Jamaica: Each One Members of the Other.   Jackie Ranston

Whence Came Ye? The Irish Influence on American Freemasonry  Andrew Hammer

Masonic Activity in New Jersey (17301775)  Erich Huhn

The English Lodge in Florence 17321738  Lucio Artini & Roberto Perticucci

The Republican Craft: Freemasonry and the Politics of Loyalist Saint John David Bell

Seabury: Gods Call among the Winds of Change  E. John T. Acaster

Freemasonry & Material Culture: The Case of the English Aprons before 1813  Felipe Corte Real de Camargo

Partnerships & the Business of American Masonic Certificates, 18001830  Hilary Anderson Stelling

Brother William Smith: Priest, Educator, & Masonic Leader of  Colonial & Revolutionary America   Shawn Eyer

The Role of Men of Colour in the Early Period of Freemasonry  E. Oscar Alleyne

1717 or 1721?   Ric Berman & Susan M. Sommers


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