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The Masonic Letter "G" by Paul Foster Case

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Masonry cannot be appreciated or understood without the knowledge of the Qabalistic Tree of Life and its insight into the nature of man and the Cosmos. Develops the relationship between the Geometry upon which the building and architectural symbolism of Masonry are based and the Geomatria of the Qabalists, a system of number correspondences to words and phrases that reveals the meanings of the numbers, measurements and geometrical proportions in the Old and New Testaments. Soft cover, 96 pages. A Macoy Published Book ISBN9780880530668 The author states that it is difficult to determine when the letter G was introduced into Speculative Masonry as a symbol. Follow him as he lays out his facts.

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The Masonic letter "G"

Review by Scott Biggs on 12/27/2012

Outstanding, I started reading it and didn't stop until I finished it. Amazing how everything was tied together.

The Masonic Letter "G"

Review by Arlan Cage, PM on 11/2/2014

For anyone interested in the higher-level spiritual meanings of our ritual, this book is invaluable. If you've never been aware of the links to the Qaballah, this is a great introduction. I would suggest this as mandatory reading for all Master Masons.

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