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The White House & The Freemasons

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The White House & The Freemasons.  From George Washington to Gerald Ford, many of America's presidents have been linked to the secretive world of Freemasonry.  Despite the enduring curiosity surrounding the topic, few have attempted to examine the once intimate connection between the world's oldest fraternity and the American presidency...until now.  

The White House & The Freemasons examines the long and enduring relationship between the American presidency and the world's oldest fraternity.  With access to exclusive archival materials and primary sources, Ruli highlights the stories of the prominent Freemasons who built Washington and transformed the District of Columbia into a national capital,  Discover Freemasonry's often overlooked impact on the White House across two centuries of American history.  This book is a must read for those interested in Freemasonry, Washington DC and White House History.

What they are saying about The White House & The Freemasons

“Chris Ruli has assembled a work of incredible breadth that is filled with

information—devoid of embellishments and hyperbole—to help both academic

 and Masonic researchers more accurately appreciate the long-misunderstood

relationships between American presidents and the fraternity.”

—CHRIS HODAPP, Editor (Emeritus) of the Journal of The Masonic

Society, Associate Director, Masonic Library and Museum of Indiana.


“Through careful scholarship, B. Chris Ruli has shed light on the often

 unrecognized role that the Masonic fraternity has had in the lives of the

 Presidents of the United States and those around them. The White House

 & The Freemasons should be regarded as an impressive contribution to

 our knowledge of American history.”

—SHAWN EYER, Editor,

Philalethes: The Journal of Masonic Research and Letters.


“This book gives solid historical information and also expands on what most

 Freemasons think are the basic facts about the White House .... This is a great

book to give to new Masons, to put in your lodge library, and to present

to your community library.”


—S. BRENT MORRIS, Ph.D., PM Patmos Lodge 70, Ellicott City,

Maryland and Quatuor Coronati Lodge 2076, London, England


B. CHRIS RULI is a researcher and historian of early American Freemasonry. He has served as grand historian and librarian for several Masonic organizations in Washington, DC and led efforts to improve access to scholarly Masonic research through digitization. Ruli’s work has  appeared in Masonic and non-Masonic publications including Heredom, The Scottish Rite Journal, Philalethes, Plumbline, and Washington History. A Returned Peace  Corps Volunteer (Senegal) and graduate of  Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, he works professionally in the global health industry in Washington.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 7 reviews )

A Review of "The White House & The Freemasons

Review by Steven D Klein on 12/4/2023

Chris Ruli's fine work enhances our knowledge of American and Masonic history. This is an outstanding book which fills a gap. It needed to be written. It informs and inspires us. Thanks to Chris Ruli for this great contribution to our body of knowledge.

A Bright Light

Review by Kevin Fries on 10/15/2023

"Freemasonry and the White House" is a superb example of Masonic research. Br Ruli has traced in fine detail the connections between Freemasonry and the US government at the highest levels. He shines a bright light on the basic facts, remarks on trends, and follows familiar themes with great clarity. What is more he reveals anew a cherished part of the great American spirit and celebrates Freemasonry as a crucial part of our nation's pride.

Brilliant and much needed history

Review by Kenneth Cohen on 10/14/2023

Chris Ruli has written an much needed history and done so brilliantly. It is thorough and very well written, combining the historical insight of a trained historian with the stylistic talent of a novelist. With all the nonsense about the so called “power” of Freemasons it is pretty amazing that such a book was never published before. Masons generally had access to those in power and a number of presidents were Freemasons, but masons certainly didn’t “control” the executive. (Many Masonic leaders will lament they have all they can do to control their lodges, but less world affairs.) Ruli goes through presidential day books, logs, schedules and period newspapers to accurately show just what contact the chief executives had with “the craft.” Freemasonry was influential - but not quite as much as the conspiracy theorists would have us believe. This is an excellent book.

A Masonic "Must Have"

Review by Jerry Peeters on 10/9/2023

Brother Ruli has put together a well researched and factual history of our Masonic relationship with the White House. Every Mason should have a copy.

A must read, well researched and beautifully written

Review by Oscar V. on 10/4/2023

"The White House and The Freemasons" not only stands out for its meticulous research and well-documented history but also for its engaging and accessible writing style. Unlike many other history books that can often feel dry and dense, this book effortlessly draws readers into its narrative, making it an entertaining and captivating journey through the intertwined histories of the White House and the Freemasons. It's a testament to our dear brother's ability to bring complex historical events to life, ensuring that every reader can easily follow along and find themselves thoroughly engrossed in this intriguing exploration of American history.

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