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Masonic Cane 38 inches

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Masonic Cane 38 Inches
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 1 review )

Very Solid & Well Made

Review by Bret Thomas on 10/21/2015

I have received a large number of compliments on this cane, and even more when they notice the Masonic symbols on the sides, and the Sun and Moon on the ends of the handle! The handle is very solid (and heavy), with decent finish. The shaft is rolled aluminum, with a polished ferrule and rubber tip. On close inspection, there are obvious manufacturing and polishing marks, where you can tell it was hand-finished, but still a very nice-looking cane, and not noticeable from any distance but close up. The ends of the handle have a Sun disc in the forward part, and a Moon disc in the rear, that I had to use a rubber mallet on to make them flush with the handle, but looks very smart afterward. I had to shorten the shaft by three inches, which did require a bit of Dremel work to remove the old glued-in shaft from the polished ferrule, so I was able to keep the sharp-looking cane tip, and I think it was well worth the time it took. A great price for a formal cane!

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