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Worthy Matron Purple Velvet Sash vine work & cross gavels

Price: $159.50
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Please call us to order personalized sashes with any lettering such as (Rhinestones) other than in SCRIPT

You will love Macoys American made Worthy Matron Sash. It is a beautiful majestic purple color and the velvet is soft. These sashes have adorned many of our  Eastern Star ladies over the years. We take pride in the beautiful embroidered details of the vine work and crossed gavels.  The Star at the top and at the crossing are embroidered with bold colors and is sure to make your sash standout.  The fringe on the sash is a brilliant yellow-gold color. This is a must for all Worthy Matrons. You will love to step out the door for your meetings and ceremonies.

All sashes are made 86 inches unless specified by customer. 

No sash is made shorter than 80 inches.

Chapter name in script on the front ( for an extra charge of $24.00)

WM can also be added for a charge of $4.20 per letter 

Fringe can be added along side if requested 

Please indicate that sash is to be worn right to left  (most common) or left to right .

Please call us to order personalized sashes with any lettering other than in SCRIPT. 

Our toll free number is 1-800-637-4640. Our Reps are standing by to help fulfill your order. 

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Past Worthy Matron and current Secretary

Review by Sis. Adell D. Perry on 11/9/2017

I'm a Past Worthy Matron of Rising Sun Chapter No. 2 of Prince Hall Grand Chapter, Juris. of Massachusetts. I sincerely love my sash, the colors and lettering was perfect. If I had to make a complaint, it would only be that it wasn't so stiff, making it difficult to sit and the sash hang leisurely off to the side, but I'm sure with time it will soften and contour to my body. Thank you.


Review by Patricia Thomas on 4/2/2012

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