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Monogram 16 oz pint glass

Price: $10.00
  • SKUE120

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From serving cocktails and beer to classic favorites like ice-cold lemonade, this Masonic 16 oz. mixing glass can be embossed with your chosen emblem. It  is well-suited for many Masonic applications or parties! With its excellent clarity, this versatile glass will bring out all the vivid colors of your signature mixed drinks and cold beverages. Featuring a thick, heavy base, this glass is sturdy and won't tip over easily. Plus, its small bottom diameter optimizes convenience allowing you to quickly grab and grip it for fast efficient service for your party needs. Its classic shape tapers towards the bottom for a simple yet practical style that works well for serving traditional, medium alcohol-level ales and lagers, ciders, and even sodas. Having undergone a unique heating and cooling process, this glass is also rim tempered, giving it extra strength that's up to three times sturdier than untreated glass. In addition to being used as a traditional serving glass, this 16 oz. glass can also function as an all-purpose shaker pint glass for making delicious mixed drinks.

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