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Worshipful Master Black Masonic over Ears Face covering - 100% USA MADE

Price: $22.00
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Worshipful Master emblem.  MADE TO ORDER.  NOT IN STOCK.  Due to demand, expect at least three to four weeks to get your face covering. This emblem is embroidered not printed on. It will not chip away with washings. 

Here are the facts.  It is all 100% made in the USA.  We thought if we are going to make face coverings for American Freemasons, then it should be 100% American made.This is a around your ears face covering.

  Here is the CDC comments on face coverings

* Size= roughly 9" wide and 5" to 7" tall (nose to below chin).  

* Wash before wearing.

* NON-Returnable. (We can't sell used masks).  

Average rating 6 out of 10 ( based on 1 review )

Great looking mask but...

Review by Brian Tipsword on 9/3/2020

These masks are great to look at and don't fit too tightly. My only issue is breathability, the material is quite a challenge for me (can't speak for anyone else) to wear as the weave is very tight and doesn't easily allow for normal breathing. Thank you for your review of the face covering. We sell adjusters that will help the maks fit tighter . We use a tight weave because it allows fewer water molecules to pass through.

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