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Masonic Face covering - 100% USA MADE

Price: $11.00
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MADE TO ORDER.  NOT IN STOCK.  We have hired more people but expect three to four weeks before you mask arrive.  

We began to get calls asking if we made face coverings.  So we looked at the material we had in our facility and came up with this wonderful face coverings.

Here are the facts.  It is all 100% sewn in the USA.  We thought if we are going to make face coverings for American Freemasons, then it should American made. The material is Cotton or a Poly Cotton blend.  The straps are elastic and connect in the back with velcro.  (The elastic is old belting we used to use for Aprons).  The reason the inside is Green is because we have a lot of green Teeshot poplin and not as much blue.  The belting elastic is medium blue because we had a lot of that around also.   

Here is the CDC comments on face coverings

* Size= roughly 9" wide and 5" to 7" tall (nose to below chin).  

* Wash before wearing.

* NON-Returnable. (We can't sell used masks).  

Please give us feedback at info@macoy on these masks since we have just started making them.  (As opposed to Aprons and Sashes which we have made for over 100 years).  

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