Macoy's Modern Masonic Dictionary

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Macoy's Modern Masonic Dictionary by C. Bruce Hunter and Revised by PGM Michael Halleran.

Inside you�ll find a standard Masonic reference, with definitions and expanded etymology for Masonic words and terms that we simply don�t define in our work.  Added to this is a short appendix describing the Scottish Rite and York Rite degree system, as well as a complete bibliography for those brethren who are interested in further study.  Most Worshipful Halleran designed each letter of the alphabet using Masoinic Symbols.  He researched each definition Brother Hunter penned and made sure it was up to date and accurate.  I really love this book.  It explains many things in Freemasonry in a quick and to the point manner.  If you are raising a new Mason, this book should be one you put into his hands.  The new brother will be impressed by the design and content.  

Many new entries plus an Appendix on the Rites and Degrees of Freemasonry. Entries cover terms that are used most often. Definitions are concise with cross references on related terms. 6 x 9 Soft cover. 128 pages. A Macoy Published Book ISBN 978-0-88053-121-4 Find out how the author defines Masonic symbols, Masonic funeral, Freemason examined, and much more.

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