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The Purple of the Fraternity: A Handbook for DDGMs & Grand Lodge Officers

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An appointment to a grand lodge office, whether as District Deputy, or as a grand lodge officer, is a great honor, but sometimes it can be frustrating. In many, although not all grand lodges, there is very little in the way of training, and even less in the form of handbooks or printed instructions.  Very often, a new district deputy is handed a briefcase, an apron and a few notes on the grand master�s programs for the year and he has to hope for the best�.

Until now. Dan Hrinko, a former district deputy and the author of The Craft- Driven Lodge (published by Macoy in 2016) has written a comprehensive handbook for District Deputies and other grand lodge officers.  

The Purple of the Fraternity is meant for that brother who has been appointed or elected to serve as a DDGM or grand lodge officer and it illustrates the multitude of possibilities that exist. The purple mantle of the fraternity creates many opportunities for advancing Freemasonry in many situations. Recognizing these opportunities and building upon them will enable you to make great contributions to our fraternity�this book identifies those opportunities and shows how to make the maximum contribution to our Order.