OES Magnifier Ruler/Book Mark

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This OES Ruler/Book Mark can be used both ways. Wonderful stocking stuffer for new members.

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Review by Sherri on 8/24/2012

This should be a free gift for ordering or a give away item for children. this looks like it came out of the cereal box. it is very tiny I almost threw it away in the box thats how thin and small it was. it should cost .10 cents if your gonna charge for it. Note from Macoy: We are sorry to hear this. Please return the item and we can send you something else in place of it or we can refund you you're monies. Thank you and we look forward to future orders with you.


Review by M D on 9/13/2017

When I need any eastern star supplies, Macoy is where I go. Never been disappointed in anything I have ordered(books, apparel, rings. Etc). I recommend Macon to all new sisters needing their supplies. I have been ordering since 1983.

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