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The Green Book of the Elus Coens

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  The Green Book of the Élus Coëns is the most fascinating insight yet into the secrets and mysteries of the eighteenth century's most esoteric of masonic societies - The Order of Knight-Mason Elect-Cohens of the Universe. This pioneering English translation of the Coën grimoire known as the Manuscript d'Alger (c.1772) details the inner workings and highest degrees of Europe's first-ever fully formed magical order. Representing the inner circle of most Martinist streams of Freemasonry today, the Order of the Élus Coëns teach an advanced form of ceremonial magic. However, the original system has been lost and corrupted for centuries. Presented here for the first time, these original rites of the Élus Coëns instruct the initiate in how to enter into relations with angelic entities, which are sympathetic to Mans fallen state and who can aid him upon the path to reintegration with the Divine. After the death of the Orders founder in 1774, the teachings of the Élus Coëns were doomed to fade into the mists of history - this new volume sheds the most illuminating light so far on this fascinating hidden aspect of masonic history. Detailing the inner workings and highest degrees of the Order, this fascinating manuscript enlightens the reader in the true, very visceral nature of the Order. Requiring the utmost commitment, and a decidedly monastic lifestyle, the Order prescribed everything from hairstyle to diet. Far from the everyday festivities of mainstream Freemasonry, the Élus Coëns were spiritual warriors engaged in magical combat with angelic and demonic entities. This new volume allows the English speaking world a look inside this secret hidden tradition and a peek behind the curtain of French Enlightenment Occultism. This work gives access to many brethren and historians, to an obscure but important part of masonic history created during the age of Enlightenment,and is a significant contribution for brethren who have a fascination with esoteric rituals of the past. We think a great many of our brethren will be interested in this publication.