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Let me Tell you More

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Barker Cryer presents a third volume in the series. Written in his inimitable approachable yet impeccably researched style, the author presents an eclectic collection of subjects of interest to the reader and which could be used as the basis for a wide variety of Lodge talks. Subjects covered include: Preparing the Candidate for Initiation, What Do I Say About My Initiation to Any That Ask About It?, Do We Really Need the Second Degree? ‘What Inducement Have You to Leave the East and Go to the West?, An Alternative Presentation of a Grand Lodge Certificate, The Place and Role of the Master in the Lodge, The Ancient Office of Warden, Stewardship, The Sources of Masonic Practice, Our Debts to Ancients and Moderns, ‘That’s What Freemasonry is Always About, Isn’t It?, Freemasonry and Rotary. Always informative, the author illuminates the reader, regardless of their experience, with a fresh perspective on each subject.