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Freemasonry's Hidden Brain Science

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by Michael Schiavello This is Freemasonry in its ultimate expression, deeper and more vast than you could  ever have imagined.  Offering a revolutionary approach to the Craft, Freemasonry's Hidden Brain Science explains, and proves, the genius of Masonic ritual as a neurological, psychological, and metaphysical handbook for self improvement and the attainment of higher consciousness.  Best-selling author, television personality, and 32 Freemason, Michael Schiavello, reveals startling discoveries made while plumbing the depths of Masonic ritual and symbolism. Discover how King Solomon Temple correlates specifically to the make-up and measurements of the human nervous system, and unlock the true meaning of the Masonic pillars, Hiram Abiff, the Three Ruffians, the Legend of the Third Degree, Euclid 47th Proposition, the Tyler sword, Caution, the Past Master Jewel, the obligation to not make women Freemasons, and more.  Unfolding like a self-help treasure map, Freemasonry's Hidden Brain Science reveals hidden meanings found within Freemasonry's allegories and symbolism, which go far beyond their literal interpretations and will change the way you think, act and feel. Foreword by Pearl Harbor survivor Edward Hall 33  Paperback  230 pages

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