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City of London: A Masonic Guide

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The City of London and Freemasonry have a past connected in many interesting an convoluted ways. In this volume qualified City of London Guide Yasha Beresiner takes you on a whirl wind tour of some of the main landmarks of the city of London and reveals the intriguing and mysterious Masonic connections.

Highlights include.

Stand on the site of the birthplace of the First Masonic Grand Lodge..

Was one of the most famous London land marks built by the first Masonic Grand Master?.

Visit the Freemasons Hall the current home of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Walk into the Famous Temple Church featured in the best selling novel ?the Da Vinci code?.

Stand above the London Coliseum of 200AD. .

Face the bank of England built by the same Architect and Freemason who also built Freemasons Hall..