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Anderson's 1723 Constitutions

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Three Hundred Years Ago 

In the year 1723 a book was published that laid out the principles and aims of English Freemasonry. Ideas that included social equality, religious tolerance, self-improvement, reward and advancement for merit, charity and goodwill to all. These ideas were radical and challenging in a time characterised by religious conflict and when birth and wealth determined success and often even survival. 

This fascinating and beautiful book also provided a framework for Freemasonry, a rulebook that would be emulated by many other secular clubs and societies in Britain and around the world. Masonic practices introduced in the 1723 Constitutions include the election of officers subject to democratic accountability, with one member wielding one vote; majority rule; orations by elected officials; national governance; and written constitution

Introduced by a beautiful symbolic frontispiece, this work was not just practical, but also inspirational, containing a traditional history of Freemasonry and many Masonic songs. Rich with Masonic insight and symbolism, there is as much to be found in this work for modern Freemasons as there was the day it was published

This book contains a faithful reproduction of the first edition of the Constitutions of the Free-Masons, printed in London in 1723. The text, word spelling and paragraph size has been maintained, original restored decorations have been used, and font and character typesets have been carefully replicated. The cover border and central design have been carefully reproduced from original copies in the archives of the Museum of Freemasonry held at the United Grand Lodge of England.

Paperback 109 Printed Pages