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Freemason's Guide and Compendium by Benard E. Jones

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Investigates Freemasonry's claim to a history going back to ancient days, and the emergence of Speculative Masonry and its growth. Operative Masonry and The London Company; Speculative Masonry; The Grand Lodges 1717-1813; The Craft Degrees and Other Matters; The Lodge and Many Related Subjects; and The Royal Arch, Mark Masonry, and Additional Degrees. (New and Revised edition 1994). Hardback, 604 pages.

First published in 1950, the 'Freemasons' Guide and Compendium' is filled with authentic, detailed information on a wide variety of subjects related to masons and masonry. Written by an experienced Freemason with the interests of rank-and-file members of the ordinary lodge in mind?especially the young Craftsman who wished to learn the nature of Freemasonry's claim to have a history that goes back to ancient days?it provides key facts about masonic history, tradition, and lore. In doing so, the book offers a far greater scope of information than any other comparable book. And Bernard E. Jones critically examines conflicting ideas about how some of the traditions came to be, coming to conclusions of his own.

"This is a book for someone who wants the true background and not the "Storybook Conspiracy" versions.
It is a book used by scholars on the subject. 600 pages, very detailed."

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