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Macoy Published books volume discount

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The Little Masonic Library

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Since 1849 Macoy has published books to help the Mason learn. This is one of the most ordered book sets for Masons of every level. Edited by the Carl H. Claudy, this is a completely indexed set of five volumes. A Macoy Published Book For the Mason desirous of improving his education in the Craft, no finer combination of books on Masonic subjects is available. Volume 1: Anderson's Constitutions of 1723; Landmarks of Freemasonry, Masonic Jurisprudence Volume 2: The Comacines, Modern Masonry, Morgan Affair and Anti-masonry, What Really Happened to William Morgan, Mormonism and Freemasonry Volume 3 York and Scottish Rites of Masonry, Masonry and the Flag, Freemasonry and the American Revolution, Great Light in Masonry Volume 4: Great American Masons, Degrees and Great Symbols, Ethics of Freemasonry, A Master's Wages Volume 5: Masonry and Americanism, The meaning of Masonry, The Old Past Master, Masonic Poems

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Review by Howard on 9/14/2017

My past dealings with Macoy have been great. Ptompt service and a great product

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