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Newly Made Mason, The

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*New Soft Cover version*
What He and Every Mason Should Know About Masonry. For the newly-made Mason, but is chock full of Masonic facts for all, and covers the origin, history, philosophy, symbolism, organization and operation of the Order. Divided into 5 parts: Operative Freemasonry, The Petition, The Great Symbols, Religion and Masonry, and Visiting Masons. Cover, 220 pages, Illustrations.ISBN 9780880530309 This book is divided into 5 parts: Operative Freemasonry: Beginning from 1330 to 1717 A.D. Transition from Operative to Speculative Masonry. The First Grand Lodge of "Ancient" Freemasonry. The Petition: The Origin of Petition, Ceremonies and Rites. How Masons are made. The Great Symbols: The Lodge, The Working Tools, The Master, The Lights, The Letter "G", The Ruffians, The Search and many more Masonic symbols. Freemasonry Symbols are explained in great detail in this chapter. Religion and Masonry: Masonic Philosophy, Masonic Relief, Masonic Etiquette, Masonic Penalties (symbolic), Masonic Clothing. Visiting Masons: Books, Records, Monitors - early and present day, Famous Masons and What Masonry Meant to Them, The Individual Masonic Lodge, The Masonic community, Freemasonry's Place in the World, and more. A Macoy Published Book

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Great First Book...Continual Resource for Research.

Review by scialytic on 3/2/2013

This book was recommended to me at my Grand Lodge's Library. The librarian chose it and I thought it would be out-of-date and out-of-touch. What I found was the opposite. The book was an awesome resource as a newly Raised Mason. It was clear and very easy to grasp. The layout of the book is very logical and makes it easy to flip back through once you're trying to find something that you remembered reading in there and you want to check it out again. The book is still a great resource. I actually cite this book in my Masonic research papers. It is a great source of information for a beginner as well as a solid book to have on your shelf when you need to look something up. Simply put: Buy this book! You won't regret it...I don't.

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