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Lost Keys of Freemasonry, The or The Secret of Hiram Abiff

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Temple Builders, Craftsmen and Artisans, alike will find much for study and consideration within these pages. Here are keys which, if only read, will the reader still ignorance but, if lived, will change the speculative Masonry of today in the operative Masonry of tomorrow. A Macoy Published Book

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The Lost Keys of Freemasonry or The Secret of Hiram Abiff

Review by M. Kent Brinkley, P.M. on 4/5/2012

This book is probably going to be a bit deep or perhaps too abstract or esoteric for some new Masons, but for those Brothers who might wish to delve deeper into some of the more introspective and hidden meanings of what Masonry is intended to do for a Man, this book is an excellent introduction to what I'd term, "advanced Masonic educational studies." Some of our Brethren are largely content to accept what is obvious and can be seen within their Lodges as being essentially what Masonry is all about. However, there is so much more that is hidden from sight and is, therefore, mostly unseen by a surprisingly large number of Freemasons. This book is one of a handful of Masonic book titles that delve deeper into the heart of speculative Masonry, and that looks behind the veil to the more spiritual and mystical aspects of our gentle Craft. I highly recommend this book to any Mason who wishes to learn more about our ancient and honorable fraternity, but it may not mean as much to non-masons.

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