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Master Mason Apron - Lamtex

Price: $69.50
  • SKU2023LX
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Freemasons Apron. Macoy has been making Master Mason aprons for decades. These are the finest examples of everyday use Master Mason apron found. They are 13 x 15 inches. They are beautifully trimmed in your choice of color Royal Blue and Medium Blue. The emblems are EMBROIDERED on the apron. Tassels not as pictured

Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 1 review )

MM (Secretary)

Review by JOHN on 4/15/2011

The Lamtex has a nice leather like graining, and a nice hand. Opted for the elastic belt that seems substantial and well executed. Royal blue trim is pleasing to the eye, and well sewn. The printed 'all seeing eye' and S&C are less pleasing. If I were reordering I would spend the additional money for real leather and, have neither 'Eye' nor 'S&C', or have them embroidered. For the price these are a reasonable product. When our lodge replaces our 45 year old Macoy officers aprons, I will recommend we stay with the leather executed/embroidered set.

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