Candidate Apron

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Fellowcraft Candidate Apron

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New! Macoy originial Fellowcraft Candidate Apron with button/elastic loop feature, 16"x16" white leather apron,trimmed & lined in white moire fabric, WHITE NON-ELASTIC ADJUSTABLE BELT INCLUDED. White button attached to upper right or left hand corner (need to specify) allowing designated corner to be raised and attached around button under flap during the Fellowcraft degree to avoid slipping and providing a much nicer appearance and more comfortable wear.

Can be customized according to your specific needs for additinal costs:
Size change
Waist features
Printing under the flap options (Style 1 or Style 5)

(See additional images to see button/loop feature)

Possible uses of apron:
1) Have a few FC aprons at the lodge that are used during the degree and worn by the FC until he is raised. At that  time, he would get his personalized MM apron and return the FC apron back to the Lodge.

2) Continue with how you presently give the candidate apron in the EA degree. Once the FC is raised, the button and loop can be cut off.

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