How to order your gold stamped Apron Case

1) Choose the Emblem you want.  If you want none, choose NONE.

2) If you want gold stamping choose the number of lines of gold Stamping you want.  Each line is $16.  If you want one line, click the one line box, Two=click both the one and two line boxes.  Three= Click all three boxes. 

3) Write what you want on each line.  BE SPECIFIC as we cannot accept returns on gold stamped apron cases. 

Masonic Apron Case Custom Gold Stamping

Price: $101.00
  • SKU1030

Gold Stamp Lines on your Apron Case

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Masonic Apron Case Custom Gold Stamping. This Macoy Masonic apron case is a sturdy black vinyl with zipper on three sides. Inside strap for holding apron along with elastic straps with plastic buckle to secure aprons on one side, Half vinyl pocket on the other. Black lining. 17 1/2 x 19 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches. A Macoy staff favorite! Freemason Apron Case.

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