Masonic Officer Apron "Macoy's Finest" Set of 11

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Masonic Officer Apron Set of 11. If you would like to replace "all seeing eye" with lodge information, please call us on our toll free number at 1-800-637-4640 to place your order. Pictured here with beautiful gold non-tarnish embroidery. The pictures do not do them justice! Also available with the Classic royal blue embroidery.  Freemason Officer Apron.  Set of 11.  It is Macoy's Finest blue lodge aprons. 13 x 15 inches only. Emblems machine embroidered on body of aprons with eye-on flap. Royal blue trim and embroidery. Officer emblem include Worshipful Master, SR & Jr Warden, Sr & Jr Deacon, Sr & Jr Steward, Secretary, Treasurer, Tyler, and Chaplain.

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