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Resembling the Lambskin Apron, The Craft and Its Symbols is one of the most popular Masonic books published. Brother Allen Roberts assembles the many symbols of the Blue Lodge and organizes them into sections which follow a new members path to Master Mason. Containing 81 illustrations, the reader will find this book an "easy read" and a great introduction. In contrast to some Masonic authors discussing the esoteric nature of Masonry and dive into the ancient origins of the lessons, the descriptions found here are made in plain language and is presented in a format where the older mason in addition to the new members can learn. A Macoy Published Book ISBN 9780880530583. This book is bound to resemble a Lambskin Apron.


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by Byron
on 7/6/2016
Foundational Knowledge: A Must Have
I have been a Freemason for many years. I found and bought this book after my raising in 2004. Since then for each class of newly raised freemasons in my lodge, I have bought this book to start their Masonic home library. It is one of the best primers in Freemasonry I have read. Moreover, it is a good book for non-masons or loved ones of masons who wish to better understand The Craft.
by Marvin
on 8/21/2014
A Great Little Primer
I concur with my brothers comments before mine. It truly does leave you with the desire to learn more.
by M. Kent Brinkley, P.M.
on 4/6/2012
The Craft and Its Symbols
Of all of the Masonic books I've read and/or have in my personal Masonic library collection, this title has to rate at the near the top of the list in terms of its overall importance. This book is so important for EVERY Master Mason to read, but it should really be included among every Mason's most cherished, personal, Masonic possessions. The writing style of this informative book is clear; the prose is simple and easy to understand, and the topics, symbols, logical meanings, and range of things to think about are so plainly covered, yet are so understandable that this little book has to be regarded by North American Freemasons as a true "classic". In short, it serves as a wonderful introduction to the vast world of Masonic teachings and symbolic philosophy that underpins the relevance and timeless value of the Masonic fraternity. Among the many books that Brother Roberts wrote in his lifetime, this is his "magnum opus" that will long endure for ages to come! Every Mason needs one!
by Brandon
on 12/19/2011
Love it
Excellent read & tool for the newly raised Master Mason. Already reading it again.
by Harold Little
on 7/5/2011
My First Masonic Book
When I was first raised in 1994, this was the first book that I received from the Master of my lodge. To this very day, I still reference this book and it is part of a gift pack that we give to our newly raised Master Masons in our lodge. As the first line of the description says, this book is a must have for any and all newly raised Master Masons!
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