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Introduction to Freemasonry - 3 vol set

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Introduction to Freemasonry - 3 vol set  By Carl H. Claudy. Three volume set. Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason. 

A simple explanation of the period of learning and fundamentals. This set of books answers the elementary inquiries of the new brother to whom all the craft is strange. This set of books will also make many a Mason sit up in astonishment that what he thought obvious and uninteresting is so vividly alive.

Carl Harry Claudy (1879–1957) was an American magazine writer, a journalist for the New York Herald and author of a number of books relating to photography and to aviation, including First Book of Photography: A Primer of Theory and Prize Winners' Book of Model Airplanes. During the early 1900s, Claudy photographed many important aeronautical events such as Alexander Graham Bell's tetrahedral kite experiments and the Wright Flyer Army Trials at Fort Meyer, Virginia.[1] Claudy wrote many science fiction stories for The American Boy magazine during the early 1930s. Four novelization books were printed from some of those stories. From 1939-1941, he wrote for DC Comics. He was also a Masonic leader, speaker, playwright, and essayist. He wrote several handbooks for Masons

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