Past Matron Purple Velvet Sash with letters P.M.

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You will want to wear our Past Matron Purple Velvet Sash with masterful embroidered stars at top of sash and crossing.  It is a beautiful majestic purple color and the velvet is soft. These sashes have adorned many of our Eastern Star ladies over the years. Our sash has fringe along the bottom and is a brilliant yellow gold color. The beautifully embroidered star at the top and at the bottom is bold in color. You will love Macoy's American made Associate Matron Sash. We take pride in the beautiful embroidered details of stars on our sash. This is a must for all Past Matrons.  Be prepared when you step out in our sash for all eyes to be on you.  

All sashes are made 86 inches unless specified by customer. 

No sash is made shorter than 80 inches.

Chapter name in script on the front (for an extra charge of $22.00)

PM included on sash

Fringe can be added alongside sash if requested

Crossed gavels can be added to order for sash

Please indicate that sash is to be worn right to left (most common) or left to right.

Please call us to order personalized sashes with any lettering other than in SCRIPT. 

Our toll free number is 1-800-637-4640. Our Reps are standing by to help fulfill your order. 

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Past Matron

Review by Addie on 5/22/2015


Review by Monique on 9/15/2017

I've ordered several items and always received excellent customer service. My items are delivered on time. I love Macoy's. PM Monique Lewis District Deputy Grand Mateon


Review by Taia on 10/3/2017

I have been ordering from Macoy from years and have never had a problem. Excellent quality and prices.


Review by John on 10/4/2017

I have been dealing with Macoy this is where I send all of our next made M.M

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