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More Inner Workings by C. Bruce Hunter

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Explores two questions left unanswered by its companion book, Inner Workings. The first book examines the origins of the "Master's Word", a word so secret that even the Masons themselves don't know its meaning. But Inner Workings leaves the story in the 18th century, when the Masons placed the word they didn't understand at the heart of a new ritual. More Inner Workings begins there and asks the crucial questions: why the Masons gave this word, of all things, a central role in their ritual, and why they insisted it came from the original language of the Bible. These questions are of key importance because the language of the Bible is believed by some to be a "Holy Tongue" that contains hidden, sacred meanings. This book explores the crucial half-century of Masonic history when the Craft fashioned a new ritual that contains unexpected layers of symbols. And those symbols, in turn, explain why a word the Masons didn't understand had to be at the center of their ritual...and reveal the word's true meaning. Bruce Hunter explores the "two questions" by examining such Freemason ideas as Signs and Wonders, What Craftsman Understood, The Other Word and more. A Macoy Published Book Hardcover, 200 pages. ISBN 0-88053-097 ISBN 9780880530972

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