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The Great Teaching of Masonry by H.L. Haywood

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This classic work has recently been reprinted and enlarged to include a chapter on Ancient Mysteries and Masonic Symbolism.Of special interest is the addition of a Tribute to Harry Leroy Haywood by Ralph Whipple. What is Masonry, what does it stand for, what are its purposes and doctrines, its history, and much more. Masonry… a world wide fraternity of millions of picked men closely bound together. Freemasonry has grown to be such a factor in public life that an increasing number is asking "what is it?" and "What does it stand for?" Masonry's purposes and doctrines are woven into the Masonic ritual, its history and manifold activities, often in such a way as to cause much mystification. The signal achievement of this book is that it takes these Masonic ideas from their confusing context and sets them forth clearly and attractively. A Macoy Published Book

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