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Past Master Apron Goldwork Bullion Emblem

Retail Price: $735.00
Price: $435.00
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Past Master Apron Goldwork Bullion Emblem.  This beautiful apron is hand made in the USA.  The body and flap are exquisite satin.  The Past Master emblem is handsewn goldwork bullion embroidery.  The fringe is royal blue trim with two gold braids.  Fringe is gold non tarnish.  Tabs are royal blue moirĂ© ribbon and non tarnish fringe.  Size of apron is 13" X 15" plus fringe.  Attaches to the waist with a blue adjustable belt. Your apron is made when you order it.  It will take 2-3 weeks to ship.  Also, we have a limited number of the gold work emblems.  This apron will only be offered for a limited time at this price.  

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