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A Pilgrim's Path


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There are 41 million Millennials in the United States.  If 1/2 of one percent of them join Freemasonry it would grow The Craft by almost 20 percent.   This book lays out why this generation is different from the Boomers who rejected joining.  Find out what your lodge can do to attract these potential candidates.

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Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company has been making Handcrafted, hand-stitched, regalia in America since 1849.

Before Abraham Lincoln became president, before the Civil War started, Macoy began a business that is now handcrafting and hand-stitching high quality apparel for the Masonic community. Our reputation and pride as a company reflects in quality that speaks for itself and the most knowledgeable customer service staff. We offer beautifully made and custom-designed sashes, aprons, fezzes and other Masonic regalia and Masonic jewelry to Freemasons everywhere and their appellant groups, including Scottish Rite, Order of the Eastern Star (OES), Shriners, York Rite, and Amaranth, just to name a few. As the oldest Masonic literature publishing firm in the United States, Macoy offers an extensive library of Masonic Bibles, books and other publications. We also offer the widest selection of Masonic Rings including bespoke rings for the Freemason who wants a keepsake as unique as he is.

Thank you for making Macoy your Freemason store for all of your Masonic supplies and freemason gifts. We have a vast selection of Masonic aprons, including past master aprons and Masonic candidate aprons, along with Masonic rings and jewelry that can’t be beat.





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